Monday, June 15, 2009

Vacation Part 1 (Warning~ Picture Overload;)

We're back....I thought it would be neat to post about our vacay in parts. Mainly, because I have tons of pictures to share, but it will also give me things to post all week!

June 6th

We got to Jacksonville around 12:00 on Saturday. That night we went to one of his friend's house to have a cookout. Last year we did the same thing, and they tried over and over to get me to try an oyster. NO WAY! But somehow they did, and let me tell you......YUMMY! I am hooked now. So I was excited to go back over there this time. Let me just tell you that I ate my weight in oysters, well maybe not THAT much!

I guess eating oyster make you act silly! lol

June 7th

Sunday we slept in and got around and went to an island Jake use to play on as a kid.

Is is called Dutton Island. Named after the owner. I found this neat bc I know a Dutton.

Then went to Hanna Park. (This is where we got married.)
Jake playing around doing his karate kid "Crane" imitation! lol

He found all of these shark's teeth. We had just got to the beach and he was telling me how to look for them and he bends over (no joke) pulls back some sand and there is a tooth. It is the biggest one in the picture. It was like a dog sniffing out a bone! I could not believe it. Lucky dog, because I didn't find any. =(

"Look what I found!!"

That night it was a full moon. Beautiful!

June 8th

We get packed to head down to Daytona. On the way we stopped at a Target in Ponte Vedra(VERY nice neighborhood in Jacksonville), then head down to St. Augustine. I promise there is a point to my story. St. Augustine is about 30-45 mins, depending on traffic, from Ponte Vedra. We decide to stop at a gas station to get drinks, this is when Jake noticed he didn't have his wallet. We searched the inside of the car up and down. As he was looking in the trunk my phone rings and it is a lady at our hometown bank. She asked if we were in Florida, which I answer yes. At this point I think she is calling to ask what are all these outrages charges are or that we went over our limit.....the list goes on. Well, she explains to me that some lady called and said she found Jake's wallet. WHAT? I am about in tears now. Thank God!! We drove 45 mins back to Ponte Vedra to get it. Thanking god the whole way! The lady was so nice, she wouldn't even take any money from us for returning the wallet. What a God send. We didn't let it ruin our moods, because we knew we were blessed!

So on our way BACK down to Daytona we stopped at a beautiful part of the coast to get some pictures. Both of these were done with a self-timer, not bad. =)
We stopped and took pictures of a this castle. lol...I know, I am a dork!!!

The view from our room at the Acapulco hotel and resort.
That night we went and ate here.....
Yep, I ate fried shrimp, coconut shrimp, boiled shrimp, and some shrimp that was long. You get the point. =) I would have to say it is the best shrimp I have had. But that is comparing it to our seafood restaurants. Doesn't compare to anything around here! I only thought Red Lobster was my ALL time favorite.


Maggie said...

That looks like so much fun!! I love the pic of your backs overlooking the ocean - awesome!

Shauna said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! The pictures are awesome! Makes me want to go back to Pensacola so bad!! We haven't been back there in over 3 years!!

jill said...

ooooohhhh! looks like fun! y'all are so adorable together ... love love love all the pics! and the shrimp talk has TOTALLY made me hungry! can't wait to see more. :)

Monica said...

Wow! Love all the pictures.Glad yall had fun.
sorry about the wallet part i would of freaked.
the self timer worked really good, i love the picture of yall facing the ocean.

Lisa said...

I am glad you had a good time. I love the picture of you guys looking out at the ocean. Very nice. We ate at Bubba Gumps in Hawaii. Very good food.

Lisa :)

Kristy said...

Hey - you know how I'm bossy?
You should sooooo put the pic of you guys on the bench with the ocean behind you on your header by your wedding pic! It is so cute!!! It would be like "wedding" and "1st anniversary!"
Can't wait for round 2!

Holli said...

Oh how I wish I was in Florida right now! Looks like fun!

Justin and Jenn said...

Oh I love me some Bubba Gump!