Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacation Part 2

June 9th
Happy Anniversary Day!!!

We started our day with a little self photography.

Then we headed down to the Ponce de Leon Inlet to the Marine Science Center. Where we saw a skeleton of a bottle nose dolphin.

This grouchy looking guy!

This cool looking crab. A blow fish.

A small white flounder. I kissed a sailor! lol
Then we saw the sea turtle rehabilitation. Huge turtles!!! I posed inside a shell. Saw two bald eagles! (and a bunch of owls) This is the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse. The tallest lighthouse in Florida.

Yep, we climbed all 203 steps to get to the top. I saw older men that were a little lot heftier than me going to the top, so I thought no problem. Yeah right, I was huffing and puffing half way up! Boy, did my legs kill me for the next couple of days. Then we went back to the hotel and got to watch some dolphins playing.

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