Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bunco Fun!

Some of our bunco group went to a regional bunco Monday night! A luau themed bunco, we all had a blast. Sorry Holli and Susan it took so long to post the pictures!
I love this picture!

I wasn't going to post this one, because I look horrible, but everyone else looks great! (Yes, my eyes are open...barely!) This is some of our hometown group. (I had to sneak a couple in of Susan and our driver on the way there!)


I have one more workshop today! YAY! Then it is busy, busy work packing and getting ready for Saturday. We are actually leaving tomorrow night. We have an early flight so we are staying in Fort Smith tomorrow night. =)

I have seriously been contemplating whether I should talk about this on the blog or not. But, I am super excited. Not only is it our vacation but it is "suppose" to be the week I ovulate. Actually, (if I did my calculations right) it will be on our anniversary. Double Yay!!! I would really appreciate any prayers that this is my time. This month will be my 12th cycle TTC.

I also would appreciate prayers for a safe flight there and back. This is only my second time to fly and I am getting nervous. I cried on the very first plane because I was so nervous. (Yeah, that is what I do...I'm a crier. When I am nervous, mad, scared, stressed, and sad of course.)


Update on my friend. I heard she was doing better. The power of prayer is awesome. Thank you all!

Happy almost Friday to you!


Holli said...

What's up with my smile in the first pic? Great time!

Kari said...

Great pictures! And I will certainly be praying for you...on ALL accounts! And, Happy Anniversary!

jill said...

so it's sunday and i'm just NOW reading blogs this week. insane. don't know if you'll see this until you get back, but we're praying LOTS and LOTS for you and the hubby on your trip ... for the plane, safe travels, and for a bambino too!!! lots of love ... hope the beach is fantastic! stick your toes in the ocean for me!