Friday, May 29, 2009


I love summer for many reasons.
1st- Summer Break (enough said!)
2nd- Vacations
3rd-Softball (I didn't realize how much I love watching softball until last night) It was so cute to see all those little guys running around. PRECIOUS. I always loved to watch my sister play, but that has been years ago. I can't wait to have a child (or children) so I can enjoy watching them play!

I tried to upload from photobucket but they were so large it cut off half the pictures!

Prayer Request Update:
The first update I got about her said, "She is very badly burnt, she has 1/3 of her skin and has major back bones broken...she is in the burn center in Little Rock." The second update said, "I keep hearing things are not good that she may not make it because of her spinal injuries."
She is in desperate need of all of our prayers.
I'm off to go plant my cannas and some flowers. Oh, I forgot to add that to the list of why I love summer.
4th- I actually get to work in my flower beds! (I have been so wore out after school this year, I haven't done a thing besides pull weeds.) Yay!
Happy Friday. =)


jill said...

you know, there's really no need to be so nasty and rub in all the fun you're having OUT OF SCHOOL. ugh. those of us who are still IN SCHOOL don't like it very much. :) only kidding, friend. i want to see pictures of all the stuff you plant!!!!! all i ever really do is buy a couple of ferns at ellis pottery to hang on the front porch. and then i even make derrell water them because i'm too lazy.

Holli said...

They were so cute playing! I didn't get many pics of Trevin b/c Coop's a wild man.

Monica said...

Love the pictures! And kenzies running face cracked me up! lol!

Justin and Jenn said...

Thank you! You can come shopping any time you want =) I'd love to make a little Twilight onesie, but I have to admit- I've never read it (I know--shocking) so I'm not extremely familiar with it. I can do some research and see if I can find anything creative =)

Where My Treasure Is said...

Still praying for your friend...and I love the pics of your little girl..especially the one where she's running!! cute!