Friday, April 10, 2009

Sad Day =(

Here is a website that has some footage of the damage done by the tornado. One of the videos is an aerial view of its path.

All of the websites and radio stations are all saying that 3 people were dead. But I heard that there is actually 9! (You know how it might just be a rumor.) So hopefully it is just a rumor.

If you are in Mena or know someone that is and needs plywood, they are selling it at Hatfield Lumber for $8 and are donating some if people can't afford it. So Jake and I bought 20 sheets to donate to some of his half-brother's side of the family. We needed 30 so they gave us the other 10 sheets. I thought that was a wonderful thing for the company to be doing!


Lane said...

So sad. That is amazing though that they are doing that for people.

Maggie said...

That's just terrible!! Tornados are so scary.

Lianna Knight said...

Kim...if you will shoot me an email at, I will send you some pics of the sets!!

I will probably post some too on my blog!! Thanks for the idea!