Friday, April 3, 2009

Not in the mood!

I have been wanting to finish the diaper cake I mentioned in the early post. But, this week has been a pretty hard week for me. My great uncle passed away Tuesday, and we just had his funeral today! He was a GREAT man and I am going to miss him. I just keep telling myself he is in a better place and is not in pain anymore. He battled cancer for 5 years.
I have to get on the ball though, because the baby shower is tomorrow!!!!! I have the hardest part done, all I have to do is put the finishing decorations on. If I do say so myself, it is pretty darn CUTE! But I will let you be the judge of that. I will have pictures of it tonight. (hopefully) So check back. =)

**Hair update. Thank you all for your input and opinions. I decided to just leave the length (which, right now is shoulder length) and dye it darker. I would take a picture of it for ya, but my eyes are pretty puffy and I am sure I look like crap.


jill said...

so sorry to hear about your uncle. cancer sucks. you guys will be in our prayers tonight!

Holli said...

Hope your weekend is better! Aghhhh....two days of freedom!

Where My Treasure Is said...

Sorry about your uncle--it's a painful time, but good to know he's in a better place. Hope you are doing alright.

Can't wait to see pics of the shower!