Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's never to late for the Easter Bunny!

We had a great day with my family. It was our "late" Easter day together. It got delayed because of the tornado. So we finally got to have it today, and what a great day to have it. Beautiful weather! It sure helped to get me in a better mood. But there is nothing better than the beautiful laugh of a 3 year old, to do the trick. I tried to capture the day in pictures...isn't that what all bloggers do? I thought I would make up for the last post I made. So be prepared there is a lot of photos to follow.....

First, Kenzie hunted her Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny aka...Granny & Pop and Jake & I. (Well, I guess it would be second, since we ate first....but no pictures of that. =)

Time to bounce on the frog from us, I mean the Easter Bunny.
Finally, stop so aunt Kimmie could take a picture. =) She usually sticks her tongue out every time I try to take one of her. Silly girl.

Now time for picture with Aunt Kim! After about 4 shots and a little bribing I got this one. Good enough for me.

I did talk her into "modeling" for me! By this point she had ditched her sandals and had on a pair of basketball house shoes. This girl is always making me laugh.

After hunting eggs, it was time to get a picture of the girls. (Of course, mom would not get in the picture.)

Take one...tongue is sticking out.

Take two...hand on mouth and me with a funny face! lol

Take three...may have a winner. Wait where is Lisa looking?

Then the boys practiced casting in a bucket! I guess only in AR??? Jake got pretty close to making it in. =)

After that the boys go fishing for real this time. Kenzie and I decide to go for a ride. Then we met them at the pond.

I could not resist putting this one on here. That face just made me laugh!! (I have no clue where the safety glasses came from!) She was out in the shop with Pop so I am guessing that is where she got them and she wore them for the rest of the day!
I did get the CUTEST picture of her with her daddy!!

After playing hide and seek it was time to go. I just had to include a pic of her face! DIRTY. What a great day!


Kari said...

Looks like you guys had a great day! Your niece is adorable!

Dana B said...

Looks like a FUN day!!!

You look good girl :) Love all the pics!!