Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's been awhile!

**Warning** Random things to follow, so I thought a list type of post would be appropriate!

1) I am still here! I think I mentioned in the last post we have had Jake's family staying with us. We had 6 people Friday and 7 people stay Saturday. Then just his brother and his fiance for the rest of the time. They finally left Friday. I feel bad saying that bc we love spending time with them but after a whole week (and one day) we were ready to get back to normal. Are we only?

2) I am procrastinating so bad, when I should be cleaning now. I just can't seem to get motivated! (Which has been the story for a while now!)
3) Well, I am excited to say that my BF found out she was having a girl last Friday. So I will actually get to make a Girly Diaper cake this time! I am beyond excited about this. I am also giving her a baby shower. I hope it ends up being easier than I am thinking....she lives 2 hours away so I am going to have to be extremely planned and organized! On the plus side I got all the plates, cups, napkins, banners, and table clothes already and got a DEAL! They are so cute!! Did I mention I got a deal. A local Dollar store is going out of business so everything was half off! The best part they don't look cheap. (well, at least I don't think so!)

I got $91.26 worth of stuff for $45.63!!! I got all the decorations plus some other things to put on the diaper cake. I also went a little crazy and bought a bunch of gift bags, tissue, ribbons and cards. I also got about 3 years worth of Easter stuff for my classroom. case you were wondering she doesn't read my blog or at least I don't think so. I really didn't think anybody would read so I haven't really told anyone about my blog!

4) On the school front. Our Grass men got mouths and haircuts. I got the cutest pictures of all of them holding up their cups. One little boy picked out the "girly" mouth and even puckered up when I took his picture. (Completely on his own, not my idea.) I laughed so hard I could hardly hold the camera. They were so excited to take them home. Thanks, Jill for the great idea! New project: Sweet beans and green beans. These were leftovers so I just put them in a cup. We planted the others in a planter that lets them see the roots grow.

It rained Friday when we were suppose to do our egg hunt! So some of the parents spread them out all over the gym floor. It took them longer to spread them out than it took the kids to pick them up! It was such a fun sight. We had almost 350 eggs!

Attention anyone: I wanted to do something really cute with my class for Mother's Day. Do you have any cute and EASY projects to share? I want their mother's to have something to treasure forever!


jill said...

we have some sweet little poem about the kiddos' hands not being little forever ... and then we put it on construction paper and put their handprints on either side. then we laminate it so the moms can keep it forever. simple but precious. let me know if you want the poem. :)

The Beechers said...

YAY for baby girls and baby stuff for sale!!

is it just me or is EVERYONE freaking pregnant??? I either know someone who just popped one out or just found out they're expecting or is just about ready to have the baby! it's crazy!!!

let me just say -- HOORAY FOR MARRIED LIFE!! :) :)