Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Good or the Bad?

Jake always says, "Do you want the good news or the bad news first?" I always say the good news, since I know he is joking.
So I will start with the good news first. I got to have lunch with my 3 favorite gals today. Kenzie, Mom and Lisa! The only picture I got was of my ALL TIME favorite gal, Kenzie. SSSSHHH, don't tell my sister or mom. lol! (I can't post the only picture I have bc of the bad news I have...explanation coming) We got to eat a Papa P's. (Exciting? Yes, bc Jake hates it. Mexican=heartburn. Since I have never experienced it before I will take his word for it!!)

Okay, on to the the bad news. Bad news is I had to get my old desktop from my mother. Yes, the one I purchased back in the 90's!!!! Hence, no photo of lunch! I am currently trying to work out the kinks! I will have to say that it was a lot EASIER to get connect to my DSL with this old dinosaur than with my laptop, BUT I can not get my camera to connect to it. My laptop...BTW bit the dust. RIP, my dear old friend. I enjoyed the wireless freedom while I had it! You wonder why this is bad news? This old fart can't even keep up with my DSL! I started this post around 4:00 it is now 5:19 and I am not even done!

Anyways, I can't leave you with bad news. heee...heee. This time last year I was planning my our wedding. This time I am planning our vacation/anniversary. It didn't feel official until today, when I booked our flight and hotel. YIPPEE! Florida here we come. I am so excited! We have been talking about where we were going and what we were going to do. But until I made the hotel and flight arrangements it just didn't feel real, but now it does. Come on summer vaca!!!!!
Other good news...I got a NICE surprise from my dad. He bought me the cutest plaques for my kitchen (once again no pictures. =( But they match my kitchen perfectly!

Here is to a GREAT day. =)

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Lisa said...

I hope you have fun in Florida. When are you going? Sorry about the super sloooooow computer. I sure have been there. Have a good week.

Lisa :)