Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bake Sale and a Donkey Ball Game

Today we had a bake sale to raise money for our class to buy caps and gowns for our Kindergarten graduation. I would have to say it was a HUGE success since we made $228 more than our goal. Is that amazing or what? I was almost in tears when we counted the money. I am overwhelmed by all the generous people in this community. I guess people felt sorry for us since we were sitting out in the freezing rain all! I ended up coming home and soaking in a hot bath just to thaw out. But it was worth it. =)
We had so many baked goods left we decided to the try to sell the rest at the Donkey Ball Game tonight at the high school. That's right I got see some of our faculty members, including our superintendent, ride (or at least try to ride) donkeys! It was hilarious to say the least. I think I laughed the hardest watching them play the musical donkey game. The bad part is I FORGOT to take my camera! Susan, I feel for ya girl, they did stink! You were a trooper. I am not sure I could have done that.


Monica said...

wow that is awesome.The donkey ball game was way too funny! My favorite was the musical donkeys too!

Kari said...

Oh wow! That is wonderful! I am glad for you guys that your community rallied behind you and helped you out like that! I am sure that hot bath felt great after being out in rain all morning.
Musical Donkeys?! Sounds fun, but you would have to explain that to me.