Saturday, February 28, 2009

Before and After: Part 2

I have my morning coffee and I am ready to post about part 2 of the remodeling. A little back ground first. We bought this house in the summer of 06 and worked all summer and most of the fall and winter remodeling and updating a little here and there. I think we were physically, mentally and financially wore out and haven't done much since then. So needless to say there is room for a lot of improvement. Hopefully this spring or summer we will work on getting the wood paneling out of here and put up some sheet rock! =) And new counter tops and cabinets in the kitchen. I am totally stoke about this!!!
It only to my husband the WHOLE 3 years to finally figure out he didn't like the paneling. (Something I have been telling him since the beginning!) Isn't that the way it goes? lol

I guess I will show you the master bedroom and bathroom next since that was the most major improvement!

The nasty sink before... ....and after!

The ugly pink walls and flooring before.... ....and after!

What is up with the rose paneling? Or the 80's flooring??? I'm so glad I could look passed the ugliness! If only you could have SEEN it before the owner moved out, you would think I had lost my mind! Right Kristy?? lol What can I say we got a great deal!

The hubs did his own style of texture to cover up the paneling. I think is turned out nice.

**And with all this work we have ahead of us maybe I can lose the 20 pounds I have gained since the picture in the previous post! That's what helped me to lose it in the first place, manually labor!**

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