Saturday, January 24, 2009

Needing Advice

Most people dread tax time, but I am actually excited to start doing my taxes this weekend. (not excited to do them myself!) Why? We have been saving to go back to Florida for our 1 year anniversary, so that means (hopefully) more money to go towards that fund. We have talked about making a yearly tradition to go back every year for our anniversary. It is getting so close to that time!! JAX we come. =)

So if anyone reading this is a tax return expert...Do you have any pointers for me? I did them myself for the first time last year and still a little nervous I might miss something.

Speaking of the beach, I bought the Wii Fit last night! I LOVE it. If you every have a chance to get one or use one I would totally recommend it. I think it is just what I needed to get motivated! I have set my goal, so hopefully by June I will back down to the size I was last year. Unless God has other plans **wink*wink**, which would be fine with me. =)

Since we started trying to get pregnant I have completely let myself get out of shape and gain weight. Which I am not proud of! I was worried about working out around "that time", I was afraid it would effect things. Does anyone else know? I would love some advice on this topic.

Have a wonderful weekend! =)


Kristy said...

I don't have a clue about any of that stuff, BUT I want to come play on the Wii Fit!!!
Oh yeah, it's almost Bunco day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I got the Wii Fit,too! I love it so much. The Deianeira and Briar just love getting on it and "Exercising" ha, ha. I hope it stays that way. Good luck with your goal and maybe you will have a big surprise soon :) Dee

Anonymous said...

I love my Wii Fit--my only complaint--I don't use it enough! I work out maybe once a week. I so thought I would do better than that with the Wii Fit right there in my living room, but nope. I'm too tired when I get home! And I don't even have YOUR class of darlins every day like you! I'm still trying to finish a book a great friend let me borrow eons ago! :)

The Beechers said...

Ick on taxes! I have an accounting degree and still make the hubs do our taxes. LOL

Hooray for Wii Fit! I'm lucky to get my booty up and go to the gym...seems so much more convenient to have the exercise come to you!

Good luck on the losing -- or the other ;) I'm praying God has other plans for you guys!

jill said...

girrrrrl. i not only didn't work out when we were trying - i also used it as an excuse to gain about 10 pounds before there was ever a jelly bean in there! hah! my doc always told me it was okay to keep exercising if it was something i'd been doing before. i used to take kickboxing and step classes, and this one really cute girl kept coming to class until just a couple of weeks before she had her little girl. and she was BETTER than me!

hope God had big plans in store for you! it's SO.MUCH.FUN. and girls are wild, but i wouldn't trade it for anything. good luck!!!