Friday, May 15, 2009

Road Rage!!!

OK, seriously people.....wait before I start my rant. If you are a "tailgater" you may or will be offended by this post.
OK, so I am enjoying my peaceful drive home, soaking up the sun, got the radio full blast! Wonderful....until I look in my rear view mirror. Come on lady get off my butt! I am so serious, this is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. Didn't you learn anything in driver's ed? Or did your parents ever mention that you don't need to drive so close to someone? My gosh, I am already going 7 miles OVER the speed limit, how fast do you actually have to drive? If I didn't love my car some much you would be eating my bumper, you young punk! The thought actually crossed my mind to slam on my brakes. I know breathe deeply and exhale...stress kills the body!

Enough of that! I got a call from my hubby saying he wanted to go out since he was feeling better. =) Yeah, but the only problem is....we only have one movie theatre, which by the way only has 2 screens. So the choices are Hannah Montana (NO thanks!) or Angels and Demons (not sure about that one.) So I think I might just talk him into some bowling. Might as well work off the calories I am about to eat. Or the third option is to say home and pull weeds out of the flower beds, let me think.....nah! I think dinner and a movie sound a lot better or even better bowling. So my vote is bowling! Wow, after playing volleyball for about an hour and a half in a HOT gym today and bowling I might just burn some much needed calories. Which I should have started months ago, since I will be on the beach in just a 22 days. And I am so not ready to see myself in a swimsuit!
Happy Friday to you all!


Kari said...

Sometimes I am soo into my thoughts, I forget to back off a little. I mean, I am still aware, but...get a little close. BUT....when I am already going over the speed limit, I CANNOT STAND someone being on my tail. If they don't go the atleast the speed limit, I say they are asking to be tailgated! haha just kidding. Kind of. ha! I WISH I had some beach time coming up! I am terribly jealous!

Monica said...

Crap I was in a hurry. I had someplace I needed to be. I was hopein you would pull over and let me by, but you never did.LOL! Thats funny! Sorry Im with the bumper chaser!Get off the road if you arent in a hurry. Ha!

And dont knock Hannah Montana...It was a really good movie! Yeah Braylen, My niece Megan and I watched it last weekend.

Sorry to battle you on this post....Hope you had fun on your "date." Enjoy your weekend, you deserve it!