Friday, May 1, 2009

New Nephew!

We are once again proud Aunt and Uncle to a beautiful baby boy! Jake's sister had Jackson last night. I get to go see tomorrow, so I will be sure to get pictures to post. =)
Little background: Jake has 4 sisters (yes, he was the only boy out of 5!!!) I have 1 sister. So how many nieces and nephews?? We have 4 nieces and 5 nephews! Wow, I actually had to make a list, just to count.

Hopefully, what I am feeling now is not a cold! Because, I really want to be cuddling that sweet little boy tomorrow. Thank goodness my sweetie offered to cook dinner since I wasn't feeling well! I know....aaawwww. lol =)

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Maggie said...

Awww, so precious!! Hope you don't get sick so you can see the new baby!!

You have a lot of nieces and nephews; wow, that's a ton! I bet his parents are proud to finally have a boy! =)

jill said...

what a precious babe!!!! sure hope you don't have the swine flu! hahah! and what a sweet hubby you have! :)

Kari said...

Well, that was mighty nice of him!! And, the new baby, Jackson, is precious. I hope you got to go see him!

jill said...

ohmigosh!!!! my computer has done that on other blogs before! it will start opening them and just WON'T stop! it happened on my school computer too. and since it's not just happening to one of us, i'm thinking it has to do with blogger and not our computers. which is good. i was afraid mine was dying a slow death.

Justin and Jenn said...

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