Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little Peek

Okay, so if you read my last post I said I was starting a new project. So here is a little peek at the unfinished production!

The Problem:
A rubber plant tree that has out grown it's pot and two cacti that are in desperate need of light.


Project in the working:

Can you believe someone threw these away?

Yes, I got these out of a dumpster, and NO I am not a dumpster diver. Even though my husband would love that! =) This is my first time GREAT find!

I got the nasty off sanded the paint off and...

Spray painted them.....

Re potted the three plants...


As you can tell I still have an Asparagus Fern that needs to be hung! (On the table)

OK! Off to see American Idol!

1 comment:

Holli said...

Yay for Kim! I have a shelf that I want to paint black and distress the edges. Little scary...way out of my comfort zone!