Friday, February 6, 2009

Bad Blogger!

It has just been one of "those" weeks. On top of being visited by AF =(, the kids in my class were horrible. "Must be the weather", everyone says. Well, it must be SOMETHING!!!! Plus, I just haven't had much to share and honestly was not in a good mood. On the bright side, today was better.
I have been having computer problems well actually computer cord problems. The wire was really loose and if you moved it just a little I lost power. So having an old know the battery is shot, so needless to say you would have just a minute before it shut off. The other night it completely broke, so no computer. Man that sucks, I did get some laundry done though. Boooooo on that! The hubby fixed the cord last night, so I'm back in business! I can actually type now. YAY!

Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.


jill said...

my kids have been little weirdos too this week! so bad that i've instituted a 3 strikes rule for our valentine's day party. 3 time-outs next week and you're OUT!! i know it sounds cruel for pre-k, but they've been throwing glue bottles and having fist fights. fuuuuuuuun. what have your weirdos been up to????

Holli said...

Hope things get better! Get week is party week.

Anonymous said...

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