Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things

I was tagged on Facebook, so I thought I would share it here.

1) I spend to much time on the computer.
2) I am a homebody! I am always home, besides work.
3) I don't spend enough time with my family. (see above)
4) My birthday is Sept. 11
5) I have a bullet that ricocheted and hit my leg. (it didn't even make a scratch, I just happened to feel a little peck and looked down to see the bullet)
6) I use to weigh 190 pounds at my largest!!! I'm only 5'4'', so I had to fix that. I lost over 60 pounds in college.
7) I want children.
8) I have three dogs that I love very much. (In case your wondering they are all outside dogs, expect one that is half in, half out...if that makes sense! =)
9) I don't have any "girlfriends" outside of work.
10) I had a destination wedding on the beach in Florida
11) I flew for the first last summer and cried on take off because I was so scared.
12) We have lived in our house for almost 4 years and still have not finished remodeling. (got burnt out after so much work the first year!) **Update as of last night**- He FINALLY fix the sink in the guest bathroom and the shower!!! YAY for him.
13) I want to move to Florida.
14) I am the worse decorator ever.
15) I have no sense of style.
16) My favorite shoes are my Doc Martens boots, I like to wear them whenever I can. (see heels for me)
17) I have a hard time expressing myself.
18) Thank goodness for spell checking bc I am a bad speller.
19) I am very shy (some people just think I am a far from the truth!)
20) I want to lose 15 pounds and get back in shape.
21) I listen to rock music.
22) I am not a morning person.
23) I am very competitive. Expecially at games that my sister and I play against the boys!
24) I use to hate reality TV shows. (not anymore)
25) I love to watch all CSIs.

I know the title said 25 things but I just thought I would add a couple more that I left off....

26) I have to iron everything I wear. Even if it just came out of the dryer. OCD, I know!
26) I am not a very organized person, except for my closet. All colors have to be grouped together and all the pants have to be sorted and grouped as well!

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jill said...

love the list!!!! tagged you :)