Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Me Monday and some other stuff

*I did not play Guitar Hero ALL day Friday and neglect housework.
*I did not get sore muscles from playing the Wii for hours.
*I did not take down the Christmas tree yesterday and leave all of the nicely packed boxes in the middle of the living room. (Which are still there!)
*I have not been lazy during my Christmas Break.
*I did not give in and let Josie sleep on the bed again. (such a sucker for the little puppy face =)
* I have not neglected doing my lesson plans for work next week.

Now for the other stuff...

I feel like there is so much to say (since I have not posted in like 6 days).
Well, I got the earrings. Yay!!!! I absolutely love them. We had a wonderful Christmas with our family. I didn't get very many pictures. I guess our families are camera shy!

Of course we had to get one with Josie.

I didn't get a lot of good pictures, but I did love this one of Kenzie. She loves being the doctor and fixing your boo-boos.

I didn't get ANY pictures of our Christmas with his family. =( What was I thinking? I had a nice surprise from his dad. A hope chest, I have wanted one for YEARS. He had given me an IOU at our wedding shower and he finished it for me for Christmas. I always love the things he makes for me and will always cherish them. I will have to post pics as soon as we get it home.

I also wanted to ask that you say a little prayer for my grandpa. He has a rare type of skin cancer on serveral places on his head and face. My mother and I are taking him to Little Rock on Wednesday to have some of the spots removed. So hopefully the cancer has not spread or gone to deep.

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